by Youths on Skates

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Youths on Skates' self-released debut album


released July 16, 2014

Youths on Skates is:
Dan Willis - guitar, piano, percussion, bass, drums, trombone, computer, vocals
Jeremy Myint - drums, vocals
Brian Smith - bass, vocals
Shivam Shah - synth, organ, piano, vocals

Recorded by:
Viet Nguyen at the Nguyen household, West Chester, OH
Dan Willis at the University of Pittsburgh Music Engineering Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA.

Additional Recording by:
Viet Nguyen at his apartment, Cincinnati, OH
Dan Willis at the Smith, Kipina, and Willis households, West Chester, OH

Art by Eric Willis, Jake Stern, and Dan Willis

All songs written written by Dan Willis, except
Tracks 1 and 10 written by Dan Willis and Robert Ipach
Track 8 written by Dan Willis and Saeed Piracha

Produced, mixed and mastered by Dan Willis

Special thanks to:
Mom, Dad, Eric, Jamie, Jeremy, Brian, Shivam, Robert, Viet, Saeed, Kipina, Adam, and Saeed




Youths on Skates West Chester Township, Ohio

Youths on Skates is an Ohio-based experimental pop project founded by me, Dan Willis.

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Track Name: All of My Friends Are Sick of Me
Your memories won't go all at once
They'll go piece by piece, incomplete
Yeah, I love this car but it's going to die
So let's drive one last time down this street

I won't remember this happening
If I do, full of impurities
Maybe a word out of context
Maybe smoke billowing from distant factories

So you can watch Fight Club for the fifty-sixth time
But I'm gonna stay home and feel like I'm alive

All of my friends are sick of me

I remember you standing too close to me
I remember you adjusting your shades
That's about all I remember
And it'll be even less when it fades
Track Name: When the Sun Sets
When the sun sets, it gets dim enough
For you to realize that it's a perfect sphere
And I am just so full of love
It's blinding to see and it's deafening to hear

You walk across the floors of flooded rooms
As if you're not all there
But the truth is that the rest of us
Just have to keep swimming up for air

Our Jackrabbit Slim's vaulted ceiling defends
Your gaze all glazed from the opposite ends
My wounds are like jewels, your eyes are like dials
No one finds the right words or trials

These barren backyards can't make anyone right
Gross shifting of blame will make me shake your advice
When you speak of great rifts between below and above
It makes me feel incapable of love

I don't wanna avoid it
Gonna say it as loud as I can
You're gonna wanna brace yourself
When the truth comes barreling in
Track Name: House Centipedes
No one's afraid of anything here
So I won't let it show
That I can still feel your breath
That I still can't even feel my own

They're called house centipedes
And everyone was afraid of them as kids

But I could go it alone, on my own, I'd like to
Well, everything around dies, I guess we're all bound to
But I don't want anyone to know I was here
So I'll just go it alone, on my own, fight fear

No one's afraid of anything here
Everyone accepts the love
But it won't get spread to me
They don't know, but I know it's carried by awful bugs

So if you offer anything
I guarantee it will be returned
As a shell of what it once was
Mangled and mashed, bruised and burned
Track Name: Music Sounds Better with You
I was lost
Until you found me, chopstick in cigarette grip
I'm so blessed
To know you're the only other honest person I've left
Gone on vigil
Beneath the light pollution and weeping willow
So burn your art
You told them it no longer speaks their part

If you're looking for companionship
I can give you that
But if you're looking for anything else
I don't know what that means
Because the night does something to us
The night does something to us

To each his own
Never meant you have to go it alone
But why even care
It would all mean nothing if you weren't there

I need someone to check me
When I think I know what to do
And if you're looking for something else
I think I know what you mean
Because the night does something to me
The night does something to me

In the back of your truck
All we say is true
Every move we make means something
And music sounds better with you

This song will be blared in the Lakota West parking lot

You don't have to say it
It's a cycle of ruin and renew
I know I'm tactlessly terse
But music sounds better with you

In lawn chairs for five hours
Drunk on thoughts we won't ensue
I won't ever deserve how much
Music sounds better with you
Track Name: Out on the Lawn
I'm out on the lawn
Herding all the stars but one
Into my blindspot

Young men and women
Obsessed with sleep as if it's
Small deaths not lost time

Do we artbusting?
It's orgone or it's gone from
Our creased canvases

See a storm coming
Sourgrass and serviceberry
I'm good at nothing

Wasps will turn to whales and aviators will set sail
When the flowers wilt pale as the skin on ocean shells
Leaving feeling worse than when they arrived

No whiplike chokecherry branch, no cool water drowning new grass
No legal pad of askings out or derinding of oranges
None of it will hurt you, you minor god and I won't let it hurt you

I've refused to use the gun on the wall for this long, what's four more years?
I see you, your skin, you must bleach in the sun, 'cause you get fairer while the rest of Earth sears.
Track Name: Oidhche Mhath
Oidhche Mhath!

I hold a match all poor of mind and grip
What heat that spreads it spreads from tip to tip
And shocked and stunned I jolt my hand away
My neck my back my legs the ground give way

I collapse as fragrant smoke fills the air
Your legs still bent over the back of your chair

I hit a deer and saw it clear the road
The car was fine but I still wretched and bowed
Unable to conceive carrion crow
Attracted to the feeble body's glow

A half-pot of half-caff off yesterday's used, swollen grounds
My spirit at half-mast, still aimlessly making its rounds

Nine degrees
Feels like negative one
Not a cloud
Just salt stains and white sun
Coffee breath
Cracking my neck again
Constant adjustments now
I sense a coming shift but I'm not sure when
My weekly keening wants I should tell you then

Our unspoken expectation won
A healthy way of dealing with our one
Examined life worth living fully through
Is daily ringing less and less as true
Or was daily ringing less and less as true
At least until the day that I met you

I could see blood in the sink from over there
But I saw no cut, no red teeth, and you didn't seem scared
Track Name: Thickest Glass
I was told I should not be frightened
I was told I would not last long
Oh God, I guess you weren't joking
It starts and ends with us being wrong

I will devote my life to science
I'll see you through the thickest glass
Oh God, I guess you weren't joking
I'll be the peace you rest in at last

But I will surround myself with things I love
Until I cannot create anything I don't love
Thing I don't love
Track Name: City Planners
Even the wealthiest universities
Line their streets with sodium vapor lamps
And even the nicest city planners
Are all gonna keep death close at hand

'Cause great art produces great comfort
But great comfort can't produce great art
The truth comes from isolation
But isolation must be there from the start

Your baby's coming to save you
Tea drinker's curaga without consent
Love must mean so much to you plural
But I still really enjoy how you mess with my head
Track Name: Sweeney Gets His Razors Back
Stoic standing in this lonely, sandy dune of a ditch
Letting all these grains restrict the pores of quite the dumb (ah)
Digging deep to hover over how I can't make sense of it
And numbing the hope that I can never be alone when I quit

Futures of hiding in the woods or residing in an attic
Either method will never settle with the bold and nomadic
I drift through green light after green light after false after true
But why would you ever focus on you?

Head pressed against greasy masonite with the awful sight
Of spiteful objects dimly lit by harsh, dim light
All this doing and going hasn't kept me afloat
But I saw Sweeney get his razors back just like they wrote
Track Name: Support Lakota West Bands
Forty-two stories tall and hugging its knees
This cathedral's awful thin
Can't tell the bird from its song
Can't hunt a nest I'm not in

Something sacrificial, Southern
And best of all, sincere
If I can't support this man
Then why am I here?
Track Name: Exhale
I sat in the garage for about an hour
Then I laid in bed about an hour more
I'd only spoken to you once in my life
The sun was shining but there was still salt on the road

But I won't go back
I love this too much
Yeah, it brings me down
But I won't go back

Is there something wrong with your head?
Is there something wrong with your throat?
One minute and forty-five seconds
That's all it takes to change everything

There may be something wrong with my head
There may be something wrong with my throat

But nothing could have prepared me for how I felt
There may be something wrong with your throat
But nothing could have prepared me for how I felt

I still love you